Garden Coaching

A unique service for any gardener who enjoys gardening but needs that extra bit of motivation, guidance and confidence

Things you can learn about:

  • Understanding your garden and how to make it work for you
  • Observing your garden during different times of the year
  • Designing areas for you to express yourself
  • Planning how to work with your garden
  • Garden jobs during each season
  • Growing an edible garden – what to grow where, when and how
  • Caring for your fruit and ornamental trees
  • Bringing more ‘wild-ness’ habitat into your garden for our birds, bees, geckos…
  • Establishing a thriving garden that works with Nature
  • Making compost and building soil health

You Get to :

  • Gain clarity and direction with your garden
  • Save yourself time and money by making good decisions
  • Turn your ideas into reality
  • Garden in your own garden alongside an experienced gardener
  • Get ‘jobs’ done and learn as you go
  • Learn more about Kaitiakitanga
  • Enjoy being in and working with your garden
  • Connect more with your Natured self.
  • Improve your wellbeing
The frequency of visits that you require will depend on the size and intensity of your garden and what level of support you would like. Something to consider – Gardening is a very intimate act of participating with nature on a micro level. Time is of the essence in order to understand the changes that occur with each interaction and the wonderful by-product of all this is that ‘we’ also grow with our gardens.

What will you pay?

Dip in and get a one off 2 hour Garden Coaching session @ $170
This is a great way to get a feel for coaching and how it can help you

Or purchase my special offer of four x 2 hour Garden Coaching sessions @ $560
Valid for 6 months , this offer also includes email support during this time period

Please note: