Garden Consulting

This is where we get to walk or stroll around your garden. We chat about your existing garden, your growing aspirations and difficult areas. I help guide and grow your ideas of a garden you would love to create. This can take a speedy one hour or up to 3 hours (depending on the size of your garden and your aspirations). As this is a creative process, the conversations and dreaming are an essential part of this step.

From this session you get to decide how you will proceed. You might be the kind of DIY person who just needs help tweaking your ideas or just knowing where and how to start. (Which can be the hardest part.) The hand sketched concept design ideas offer a way to visually capture what was discussed and get you feeling and planning the space with pencil and paper. In my experience garden designs evolve over time and take years to fully develop. The initial plans are important in that they provide a valuable framework to get cracking, but come with a proviso that gardens change and grow and need to reflect your needs and tastes. I believe this is one of the joys of gardening. No matter the size of your garden, there is always scope to design and tweak areas.

With this consultation you receive:

    • Follow up notes from your consult
    • 3 x hand sketched concept design ideas
    • Plant selection ideas and helpful links
    • Suggestions to help with
      • Tasks to be done
      • What to prioritise
      • Decisions to be made
      • Budget estimate

How much?

$110 for the 1st hour & $80 per hour thereafter

My other services

In case you haven’t seen it, I also offer a Hands on Garden Coaching service as a way to support you through your gardening journey.

OR do you have limited time and need specialist contractors or machinery to get some of the bigger jobs done so you can start gardening! In which case I can also support you with my Coordinating your Garden Development service.