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Natured Living - Garden Coaching services with Nik Woolford in the Wanaka Region

Natured Living of the Wānaka region, offers a unique service to inspire and support you to create and tend a garden that best fits you, your space and your lifestyle.

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Gardens are as varied as we are and can be a fulfilling way to express our connection to the natural world. They are not just a place, but can also be a feeling!


They can be a space for growing and enjoying nutritous food, deep relaxation, providing a wildlife habitat corridor or a place for play and curiosity.

Gardens can be sacred space for reflection and inspiration and creating balance in our lives.


Nik@’Natured Living’ offers garden support through Coaching and Consulting.  Get the help and advice you need with a choice of options that’s right for you.

Meet Nik Woolford

Spending time in nature is important to me. I am a keen gardener and adventurer.


I have supported many people in caring and developing their gardens. Like most gardeners, I enjoy observing and learning and I’m currently creating a personal edible and wild garden in Hawea Flat. I am also a part of the  Te Kākano Trust and Eco Wanaka teams.

I enjoy being a part of people’s journey in creating and understanding their gardens and the joy this brings… which I believe creates… 

“Natured Living” 


My interests include  Permaculture, Soil Regeneration and Habitat care. When possible, I like to apply them in my garden designs to support Kaitiakitanga and wellbeing.

It is important to me to help you create space that suites you, is sensory and aesthetically interesting and beautiful.

Over my career I have been involved in supporting, educating, growing, designing and advising people in a range of nature and garden related roles. I have worked in a diverse range of sectors including; Outdoor Education & Guiding, Garden Maintenance, Wholesale Nursery Production, Retail Nurseries, Environmental Care and Community Development in both Australia and New Zealand.

I have completed various courses including; Permaculture Design, Telford BHU Lincoln Organic Horticulture, Primary ITO Level 3 Nursery Management (with Matukituki Natives) and Burnley Garden Design (Melbourne).

Over the past 18 months  I have supported garden designs and have cared for a number of local gardens between Queensberry, Hawea Flat, Luggate, Wanaka, Dublin Bay and Arrowtown. I also support Te Kakano with casual nursery Management and plantings as well as seed sewing and food harvesting with Botanica.

I really like this Whakataukī  Manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua ;

Care for the land, care for the people, go forward.

One of the easiest things we can do is to is….GO FORTH & GARDEN

Natured Living can help you with;

Garden Coaching

Is a unique service for people who might be new to gardening or enjoy gardening but need that extra bit of support through motivation, guidance and confidence.

What to grow where and when as well as learning how to care for your garden can be fun and interesting. You can also gain clarity and direction with your garden.


By having a coach or a mentor along side you in your garden, you will be able understand what goes into making a garden great and grow your gardening knowledge


Be prepared to grow with your garden.

Things you can learn about:

You get to:

  • Gain clarity and direction with your garden
  • Save yourself time and money by making good decisions
  • Turn your ideas into reality
  • Garden in your own garden alongside an experienced gardener
  • Get ‘jobs’ done and learn as you go
  • Learn more about Kaitiakitanga
  • Enjoy being in and working with your garden
  • Connect more with your Natured self
  • Improve your wellbeing

The frequency of visits that you require will depend on the size and intensity of your garden and what level of support you would like. Gardening is a very intimate act of participating with nature on a micro level.

Time is of the essence in order to understand the changes that occur with each interaction and the wonderful by-product of all this is that ‘we’ also grow with our gardens.

**Please get in touch to talk about how I can help you.**

Garden Consulting

Deciding to engage in a Garden Consult with Natured Living, is a great step to making progress with your ideas and aspirations in your garden.  We get to share ideas, dreams, energy and  inspiration. 

Please read more about Garden Consulting.



With this consultation you receive:

    • Follow up notes from your consult
    • Hand sketched concept design ideas
    • Plant selection ideas and helpful links
    • Suggestions to help with;
      • What to prioritise
      • Decisions to be made
      • Tasks to be done
      • Basic budget estimate

From this session you get to decide how you will proceed.

You might be the kind of ‘DIY’ person who just needs help tweaking your ideas or just knowing where and how to start. (Which can be the hardest part).

The hand sketched concept design ideas offer a way to visually capture what was discussed and get you feeling and planning the space with pencil and paper. You may chose to go with one of these ideas and develop further into a more detailed plan, or try again. The concept plans are meant to be tweaked and is very much a part of garden design.

Gardens evolve over time and take years to fully develop. The initial plans are important in that they provide a valuable framework to get cracking, but come with a proviso that gardens change and grow and need to reflect your needs and tastes. I believe this is one of the joys of gardening. No matter the size of your garden, there is always scope to design and tweak areas.

**Please get in touch to chat more about how I can help you.**

What is a Garden Coach?

You may well ask… A ‘Garden Coach’ is someone who has a passion for gardening and has become experienced and knowledgeable.

A Garden Coach provides hands on garden advice along the way to help their clients to make good decisions to achieve  their vision. 

A Garden Coach is motivated to help other people become better gardeners and discover the joys of creating and caring for their own ‘nature’ space.

Whether it be for the joy of growing food, rewilding for habitat corridors or simply tending a garden to admire and creating a tranquil space for wellbeing and happiness.

They help with practical ideas and advice to successfully develop and care for gardens.

A Garden Coach can help you to make good decisions to achieve your vision and can support you to design, plan, install, plant, and grow in your garden space. Garden Coaches are not referred to as ‘Landscape architects’, but rather offer a “hands on” approach to support people with the ancient art of gardening.                                                       

Garden Co-ordinating

Natured Living can help you source materials and coordinate contractors for small scale garden projects. 

This includes things such as:

  • Mulch and compost
  • Plant sourcing
  • Arborists
  • Diggers
  • Stone Masonry
  • Irrigation
  • Small structure constructions
  • Fencing
  • 🌱

** Please contact me to discuss your requirements**

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