Consultation services include:

Garden Discovery


1 hour session – $100

This initial consultation is a journey of discovery for you and your garden. During this one-hour visit, we’ll explore your outdoor space together and discuss your challenges and aspirations.

You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of how to proceed and a newfound excitement for your garden.

Lay a foundation;

  • 1 hour session
  • This introductory consultation provides clients with an initial assessment of their garden and offers basic guidance on how to proceed.
  • We identify what areas you need help with.
  • Propel your knowledge
  • A good starting point for people who are looking for general advice and direction.
  • You take your own notes

Garden Inspiration


Starting from $550

Ready to dive deeper into your garden dreams?

The Garden Inspiration Package provides you with basic design concepts,  plant suggestions and budget estimates.

You’ll gain more clarity on the potential of your outdoor space and feel inspired to get started.

Get things going at a practical level.

  • Inspiration and ideas for; structures, materials, plants, movement and more
  • Considerations about how you move and live in your garden.
  • Simple concept sketches.
  • Resource links.
  • Follow up notes; including hand sketched concept ideas.
  • Budget estimates.

Garden Growth


Starting from $950

Take the next step in your gardening journey with the Garden Growth Plan.

You will be provided with detailed advice and guidance on implementing your design concepts, including timelines and recommended action steps.

With support, you’ll feel capable to turn your vision into reality.

Grow your garden.

  • How to Implement your garden aspirations.
  • Advice and guidance with implementing.
  • When to do certain actions and Timelines.
  • How to get them started and finished.
  • Recommendations for help.
  • More detailed plans.

Garden Mentorship


Starting from $100 per hour

Once your garden is thriving, it’s essential to maintain its beauty and health.

Garden Maintenance Mentorship offers ongoing practical support and guidance on caring for your garden, ensuring it continues to flourish for years to come.

Maintain the gains.

  • Tips and Tricks for caring for your garden.
  • Creative ways to keep up with your garden.
  • Mentoring on how to care for your garden.
  • “Love your Garden and it will love you”.
  • ‘Grow’ with your garden.
  • Understand your garden’s role in your wellbeing.