Coaching services include:

Garden Discovery


$90 per hour

Discover your garden! Grow your confidence and knowledge with a personal touch.

This Garden Discovery Coaching service is a unique service for people who are new to gardening or enjoy gardening but need support through motivation and advice.

You can discover what plants you already have and what they need to thrive.

By having a Coach along side you in your garden you can;

  • Maintain your motivation for gardening.
  • Gain clarity and direction with your garden.
  • Grow your confidence in your gardening skills.

Garden Care

Garden CARE

$90 per hour

Care for your Garden! Learn what goes into keeping your garden thriving.

This Garden Care Coaching service offers ongoing practical support and guidance on caring for your garden.

Once your garden is growing, it’s important to maintain its beauty, health and productivity.

Learn ‘Tips and Tricks’ to help you care for your garden and work alongside an experienced gardener.

These might include understanding your soil and how to condition it as well as plant care including fruit trees, edibles and perennials. Recognise pests and diseases, treatment, timings for tasks.

By having a Coach along side you in your garden you can;

  • Learn what goes into making a garden great.
  • Understand the seasons and how to work with them.
  • Grow your own produce and make great food.