Garden Design Support

Can you identify? Sometimes you just run out of inspiration, kind of know but not sure how to go about it or just need fresh ideas to get you going again.

My Garden Design Support Service aims to meet these needs. I have developed a threes stage process to help capture these ideas and grow your nature.

These include;

STAGE 1 – Consultation; We get to walk around your garden and chat about your existing garden, your growing aspirations and challenging areas.  We create a story in your garden that can guide your choices. This step can take a speedy one hour or up to 3 hours. I guide and grow your ideas of a garden you would love to be a part of creating, growing and living in. 

STAGE 2 – Concept Plans;  This is a creative process that aims to capture the conversations and ‘dreamings’ to assist a well thought out design. You will get follow up notes, plant selection ideas, as well as budgets estimates, timelines and decisions to be made.

STAGE 3 – Working Plans;  By now you will have made some decisions on what you would like. I bring Stages 1 and 2 together to develop a plan to work from. This stage also includes recommendations for contractors and how to be a part of developing your garden.

I am passionate about gardens that focus on a design that support how we live and move through our gardens as well as observing natural processes and minimising waste.

I love growing plants for food, medicine, habitat and beauty.  I believe all interactions with Nature support our wellbeing and have the capacity to heal.

Price on application and will depend on the size of your garden and your aspirations.