What is a Garden Coach?

A ‘Garden Coach’ is someone who has a passion for gardening and has become experienced and knowledgeable

They are motivated to help other people become better gardeners and discover the joys of creating and caring for their own ‘nature’ space. Whether it be for the joy of growing food, rewilding for habitats or simply tending a garden to admire, it is a tranquil space for wellbeing and happiness.

Having a clear vision of what you would like your garden to look and feel like in 5, 10 or 50 years is valuable. A Garden Coach can help you to make good decisions to achieve your vision.

A garden coach has set up their own business in order to support people to design, plan, install, plant, and grow their own garden spaces. They provide garden advice along the way to help their clients to have success in developing and caring for their gardens.

For people new to gardening, a Garden Coach provides guidance with how to create and care for a new garden or care for and tweak an existing garden.

For experienced gardeners, they may need a sounding board with their ideas or help in solving problems or difficult areas.

Garden Coaches are not referred to as Landscape designers, but rather offer a “hands on” approach to support people with the ancient art of gardening.